Eugene Papadopoulos

(PGA) model for Series 1 and Series 2 Golf Cards


Champion of Greece 1995/97/99. Turned professional in November 1999. Played three times qualifying for Greece in the world cup. Played twice qualifying school for European tour card. Played six European tournaments. Held position as Greek PGA Captain. Vice President and currently General Secretary.

Themis Ginis

(PGA) teacher for Series 1 and Series 2 Golf Cards


From a very young age golf has been part of my life on a daily basis. My very first time on a golf course was at the age of seven. While in high school, I began my competitive career as a member of the Greek National Team. It was a successful and rewarding journey as I have managed to win the Greek National Championship twice, in 2001 and then 2002.

My career as a PGA Professional started in 2003. From Crete Golf Club and Glyfada, Athens Golf Club I began my teaching and playing career reaching the position of National Coach for my country. I have learned many styles of teaching and management over time. Currently, I am the Head Professional at Costa Navarino Golf resort in the Peloponnese, Greece.

Katerina Magoni

Professional sports photographer for Series 2 Golf Cards


When studying at the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Athens, Greece I specialised in sports photography and street photography. During this time I worked with Biennale Athens 2013 and am currently photo shooting at swimming competitions.

I have been experimenting with the art of photography and video for many years now creating portfolios and short length movies.

Capt. C. Mark Souter

Author, Product Creator and Director


Company director, Licensed Captain with 30 years experience, Manager for a fleet of Superyachts, Registered Marine Surveyor IIMS and published author of a 370-page book titled “Marine Surveying for New Motor Yachts”.

Keenly interested in helping amateur golfers connect with their game to aim for more fun and to achieve better results overall. “For 20 years I have thoroughly enjoyed being an enthusiastic amateur golfer.”

Acknowledgements for Series 1

C. Mark Souter: Author, product creator and coordinator
V. L. Souter: Original concepts, co-creator and product consultant
Themis Ginis: PGA professional golf teacher for mechanical cards
Eugene Papadopoulos: PGA golf professional, model for mechanical cards
Phil Foster: Photographer for mechanical cards
Martin Hazell: Product editor
James Hall: Initial artwork and graphics
Chris Tobin: Graphic design and layout

About bradan

I chose the word bradan for several reasons. It is the Irish Gaelic word for the salmon, which was believed to gain wisdom from eating hazelnuts that fell into the stream from overhanging branches. The word also meant a broad hillside in Old English.

The game of golf was born in Scotland, a land of rolling hills and salmon, and a little wisdom is no bad thing when you are playing the challenging courses there.