The bradan Intention direction Vision Golf Cards have helped many people with their golf game and if you would like to share your experience on this website, then please send an email to: testimonials@bradangolfcards.com or fill out the form on the "CONTACT US" section.

As a regular twice a week 12 handicapper golfer I was really interested to see what the cards could add to my lessons that I like to have in my attempt to achieve single handicap status!

The advice and tips on the cards are as per the advice I get from my pro, which is as you would expect, but it proves the Bradan concept is in line with PGA coaching methods. All coaching pro’s express themselves differently but the Bradan cards keep it brief and simple which is what I, and I would imagine, the majority of amateur golfers need.

So far I have found the Bradan cards a really worthwhile addition to my actual lessons and a lot of what is covered in a lesson is hard to retain so a quick back reference to the cards on whatever aspect of your game your working on is really useful.

If the Bradan cards help me to achieve that single figure handicap ambition i will write again but i consider them a great coaching tool and easier than cross referencing to coaching books.

Dave Bonner Hartswood Golf Club, Essex

As a new player bradan Golf Cards were invaluable. Every time I formed a question the answers were there for easy reference in the cards. Whether it was a mechanical or insight question, the answers were there in the cards, every time. I highly recommend bradan Golf Cards as the ‘fifteenth club’ in the bag for all golfers.

Mr. Phillip Reynolds Murwillumbah Golf Club, New South Wales Australia

I am convinced that the bradan Golf Cards are a great tool to assist any golfer who hopes to improve their method of focus for the golf swing and the mechanical cards are incredibly easy to understand and use. Whenever I identified a problem with my game I selected the appropriate cards from the pack and reviewed the specific information. It is a brilliant idea and technique. The convenience of having the cards makes it easy to use at home or while I travel. Try it because it really works.

Mr. Ferry Karimi Boomerang Golf Club, Gold Coast Australia

After using bradan Golf Cards my game of golf has improved considerably. The result is above and beyond what I could have expected.

Per Holck Kristensen The Els Golf Club, United Arab Emirates

I would like to thank the people involved with producing these highly recommended cards. I obtained the white set and what a blessing. I have played golf for over 20 years and I can honestly say that the Mechanical Instruction Cards is one of the best methods of instruction that I have ever seen. The golf swing is explained in such a simple way that a lot of mistakes that I'm making have suddenly become apparent. The cards have shown me how to correct my grip, additionally my ball placement has changed and slowly I am adjusting my swing technique according to the cards. The results have brought a lot of enjoyment to me. Even the information on the Insight Cards is very interesting as I had never really given the non-mechanical part much thought. I would say to every kind of golfer that these cards are the real deal.

Glenn Kennedy Costa Navarino Golf Club, Greece

I obtained the white set of bradan Golf cards and each day I am discovering something new and interesting about the information on the cards. I usually take just a few cards with me to the golf practice so that I can work on a particular part of my golf swing. This easy to use method of instruction is great and I would recommend the bradan Golf Cards to any golfer no matter their standard of performance.

Daniel Wood Secret Valley Golf Course, Cyprus

What a great product easy to understand visually and mentally. Who needs the golf pro, instant answers to your game on the course. Brilliant!

Keith Scarr Durban Country Club, South Africa

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